One of the difficulties in preserving the history of computing is that devices are outmoded so quickly they may not survive in the wild anymore. As fast as the hardware disappears from the landscape, software distributions disappear even faster. Additional difficulties arise when attmepting to archive specialized application software due to the licensing requirements of the software.

The Museum greatly appreciates donations of hardware, software, manuals, promotional brochures, etc. that relate to it’s mission of preserving the history of computer graphics. In addition to being a technology, computer graphics is also an expressive medium and we try to preserve the original art and images created for that medium as well as the technology that created the medium.

The Museum is actively seeking items in the following areas:



  • Minicomputer application software (DEC, HP, Data General, etc.)
  • Workstation application software (Computer-Aided Design, video editing, video effects, modelling, scientific visualization)
  • Graphics terminal application software

Printed Materials

  • Sales brochures, marketing materials, technical specifications, manuals (user’s guide, technical reference, maintenance manual, etc), application software documentation, etc.

8 thoughts on “Wanted!

  1. I have a Metheus Omega 400 graphics processor. It is in good physical condition, packed in its cardboard box. Do you want it?

  2. Hi, I know of a Friden Flexo-writer system that was used for inventory, payroll, and parts manufacture. Complete with reader, punch, paper tapes, IBM card reader interface, and documentation. Is there any value to a system like this or would you know of any one who might be interested in this system?
    Thanks for any help, Rob

  3. Do you know anyone who wants a working Kaypro 10 computer with working CPM printer and extra ribbons? and an Amiga 3000, also working…think there is a monitor for it too. Can’t bear to just scrap them.

  4. Nice site, glad you still have it going and apparently still growing too.

    Message in a bottle…I am looking for a Datapoint 3300. I’d be happy with something working or not, but in particular I need parts related to the power supply, there are a few key components that are not working correctly. Hard to determine what is wrong exactly, not an easy part to replicate.

      • There were some Datapoint terminals sold on ebay a while back. I think they were confiscated items by a landlord from a collector who didn’t pay his rent. Unfortunately ebay purges listing data pretty soon after an auction is concluded, so it would be difficult to contact the seller and/or purchaser. However, I do see Datapoint stuff showing up on ebay once in a while, so it would be good to monitor that.

  5. Is there a working Terak 8510 somewhere where I could dump some files? I foolishly discarded the printouts I had of them long ago. They are on UCSD-p system. I’d gladly donate the disks and pay for the service.

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