Computer Graphics Museum YouTube Channel

I’m pleased to announce that the museum now has an associated YouTube channel!

One of the most difficult tasks of any museum is deciding how to best present information to the public at large and YouTube is a great medium for this. On our channel you will find a video tour of our collection when YouTuber CuriousMarc came to visit our warehouse. CuriousMarc has many vintage computing equipment restoration videos on his channel, including a series of videos on restoring the NASA Apollo Guidance Computer to a fully working system.

Over the last few years, Richard Thomson has given a number of lectures on graphics history to the University of Utah Graphics Seminar. We plan on capturing these talks for YouTube in the future. At the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 2019, Richard Thomson presented one of these lectures on the AT&T Pixel Machine, an interesting piece of hardware with many similarities to modern GPUs in desktop PCs. You can watch other videos from the festival on the VCF Midwest YouTube channel. Richard Thomson will be presenting another one of these lectures at the VCF Midwest 2021 event.

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