A New Beginning

Welcome to the new home of the Computer Graphics Museum!

With server space graciously provided by Jay West, we now have a new home for the Computer Graphcis Museum on the web. We’re starting out with a simple blog to report news about the museum and articles on the history of computer graphics.

We’ve also moved the museum’s artifact collection to a new physical home in Salt Lake City, Utah. While we still aren’t at the point of a genuine museum with public exhibits and interpretations, we’re closer than we have ever been towards that goal. A Utah non-profit corporation has been formed for the museum and federal 501(c)3 non-profit status is being pursued as well.

Short term goals for the museum are threefold: begin building an online electronic catalog of the museum’s collection using CollectiveAccess, write articles on the history of computer graphics, and obtain 501(c)3 status for the museum. These goals will give the museum an expanded web presence and allow us to pursue our plans for expanding the physical museum.

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