New Hosting Provider

The Computer Graphics Museum has changed hosting providers to XMission, Utah’s largest independent internet service provider.  Our new provider gives us improved access to our hosting environment allowing us to work on providing better services going forward.

Things have been proceeding behind the scenes, but difficulties with our hosting environment prevented us from sharing those efforts with you.  Obviously, we are back to sharing news again!

One of the next big projects for the museum is to create a searchable catalog of artifacts in the museum’s collection.  This will be easier to prototype and deploy with the improved access.

Work Log Added

A work log has been added to the site. Work on the museum progresses every week, but it’s not always something as exciting as acquisition of an important piece of hardware or writing a nice article for the blog. Most of the time, it’s just plain work. So I’ve created a work log to record the efforts in order to gain a little more visibility into what’s going on at the museum.