Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 18

Last weekend I attended Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 18 in Elmhurst, Illinois. This year I didn’t set up a display table, but I did give a presentation as I have done in previous years. CelGenStudios has posted a nice walkthrough video that will give you an idea of the event.

The Architecture of Terminals

My presentation was titled What’s Inside a Terminal? A Comparison of Architectures (video at the link). As I’ve studied various models of terminal over the years I noticed that there were some similarities to microcomputers. This shouldn’t be too surprising as early microcomputers included: a CPU, a keyboard and a video display. Later model terminals included these same items, but with different capabilities tailored to their purpose as a video terminal, rather than as a general purpose computer. However, terminals predate microcomputers by a number of years and went through some earlier architectures tailored to their purpose as an interactive interface to a computer located elsewhere.

Slides for the presentation

The Terminals Wiki

The Terminals Wiki is a wiki devoted to the computer terminal. I have created this wiki to collect in one place all the information on computer terminals, including links to manx and BitSavers as appropriate. Prior to creation of the wiki, information on computer terminals was sprinkled throughout various sites on the web. Like most wikis, the Terminals Wiki is a work in progress, but it now has a fairly broad sampling of terminals and over time more details will be filled in about each specific terminal.

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